What a great week it’s been! So many exciting things are happening to those around me, it’s hard not to let their joy inspire some happiness in my own life. From new babies to new homes, I’m proud to be included in such special moments! It reminds me of a quote and I paraphrase- the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have. I would give proper credit if I knew who spoke such honest words of wisdom, but I’ll thank them just the same.


Happy Weekend!

This year is flying by. Life has been hectic lately, but what else is there to do but roll on with it!

I’ve decided to try my hand at a different form of erotica. I’m not sure if the finished product will be suspense or thriller, but it’s definitely a fun project. The working title is Thin Line. It focuses on a  young woman who is seeking her birth parents and ends up in the arms of a man who holds the key to her past. Unfortunately, the more she learns about them, the more she discovers about him. Her journey takes her from small time organized crime to corrupt politicians, but comes full circle to the man she loves. It’s a work in progress, even I’ll have to wait and see how it ends :)